Ranking Coloring Book Tracks
  1. This is what I look like listening to Coloring Book
  2. 3 year's was worth the wait for Chance 3. Acid Rap got me through finals freshman year of college, and now Coloring Book is getting me through my senior year finals. Chancellor created a new sound once again and it's so incredible/unique that there's no way that this project is topped in 2016.
  3. Tough luck for my guy Drizzy. Views was the most hyped project of his career, but it didn't live up to the hype. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Views, but it wasn't the transcendent album we were expecting. It has some jams, but Coloring Book overshadow's it by a lot.
  4. Let's get into the rankings
  5. 1. Same Drugs
    This is a work of art. It's just so beautifully put together, and the subject matter is super relatable.
  6. 2. Summer Friends
    You can't help but smile when the beat drops. It makes me feel like I'm an 8 year old innocently running around in the middle of the Summer.
  7. 3. Smoke Break
    I love the sample and it feels like a throwback to high school. Although it's a different sound for Future, he thrived on this one.
  8. 4. All We Got
    When I threw this one on first and heard "and we back and we back and we back" I basically shed a tear. Chance, Ye, and Chicago Children's Choir. This track is Chicago.
  9. 5. Blessings (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
    The better of the Blessings.
  10. 6. Juke Jam
    "We used to roll at the rink". This makes me miss having crushes on girls in middle school haha.
  11. 7. Mixtape
    A more traditional rap song. "I got a link in my bio, my bitch do the salsa like pico de gallo" is the smoothest bar on the tape and also makes me wanna go get chipotle.
  12. 8. How Great
    The intro is long af, but once Chano and Jay get into it it's 🔥
  13. 9. Finish Line/Drown
    Now that I've rated it, this rating my be a little unfair, but there are just so many good songs on this mixtape.
  14. 10. No Problem
    Same thing as 9. This song dropped I think a day before the mixtape or maybe day of, and I wasn't impressed. Since then, it's really grown on me. Making this list is so hard in retrospect.
  15. 11. Angels
    Angels dropped a couple months ago, which is why it's rated so low. It's an amazing song and I should have gave it more credit bc it made me so excited for Chance 3, but I'm just so much less excited about it considering it's been out.
  16. 12. D.R.A.M. Sings Special
    Happy interlude. Sample kinda sounds a little like A chopped up Super Mario.
  17. 13. Blessings
    It's alright. Doesn't stand out to me.
  18. 14. All Night
    I tried, but I can't get into this song. It's forgetful.