Everyday Things That Give Me Short Bursts of Uncontrollable Depression

Sometimes, just like getting up too fast and seeing flashing lights, I'll be hit with short waves of incredible sadness. And then, like when you realized I didn't like JTT anymore, it's gone!!!
  1. Taking off my bra
    Whenever I do this I get incredibly sad for about 10 seconds and I have no idea why. To avoid it i try to sleep in my bra when I can
  2. Doing laundry
    Sometimes I'll watch my clothes spin and it reminds me that life can be a series of mundane tasks if we're not careful. This isn't in a cute, whimsical way. It makes me really fucking sad so I've been buying double the underwear at Forever 21
  3. Watching the Real World when stoned
    Seriously. Don't do it.