Like the very very first thing. As soon as you walk in the door. Do you take your shoes off? Do you head straight for the couch? The fridge? Do you call your mom? You should call your mom.
  1. Lay on bed, look at ceiling
    Remember when you'd come home from school and flop onto your bed? Why did you ever stop?? Sometimes it's nice to come home and think about all the things you've done. And the boy you wish would like you back.
  2. Eat a snack on a stool
    I live on top of a grocery store so I often walk in the door holding some sort of food I never should have bought. So sometimes I'll come home, sit on my stool in the kitchen, and enjoy a snack.
  3. Dance in front of mirror
    In an effort to stop going on my computer first thing, I've been trying to distract myself w DANCING! It's fun, it's free, and if you do it in front of a mirror you can do that move where you snap and then put your hands up like they're guns, then you fire the guns, blow on the barrel cuz it's smokin, put em back in your holster and wink at yourself. You're a cool dude tonight!
  4. Walk to the fridge and open it and look around 👀
    Suggested by @johannasamuels
  5. Turn the kettle on for tea.
    I don't always end up making the tea but it makes me feel like I am in a play doing some stage business and I like having the OPTION of tea
    Suggested by @alexandrafiber
  6. Put on sweatpants.
    Suggested by @Wilson
  7. Open up The List App
    Suggested by @mkz