My dad is a water fountain of inspiration and sage advice. English is also his second language but if you really concentrate you're gonna get some gems.
  1. Picture of a wedding cake in the shape of Infinite Jest
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    His email read "please congratulate Tara and Andrew using the cake photo--it's so creative and you all belong to the same category of genius!"
  2. His review of Palme d'Or nominated movie "Alexandra"
    "It's a powerful anti war movie without bombs dropping, shots firing, landscapes turning upside's very slow, forcing you to be completely drawn in to its soul, peeling layers by layers about a grandmother"
  3. Recipe for a tuna sandwich
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    "You must be tired of eating sardine/tuna from the can"
  4. A STATEMENT TO REMEMBER (the subject line was in all caps)
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    "Creativity is generated by enjoying life"
  5. Poem by Rupi Kaur
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    Her book "Milk and Honey" is fantastic. Solid suggestion from my dad. @alexandra I think you'd love!
  6. Picture of him next to a man w "the biggest moustache"
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    "His is the biggest rounded curled moustache that I saw in America" my dad couldn't believe he found someone w a larger mustache than his own
  7. Disgusting picture of an insect stuck to a tree
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    "Millions of years from now they will be found as fossilized unwilling two hearts in one"