1. Grades 6-8 were all in the same classroom
    There were 18 of us total, and we would learn certain subjects on a 3 year cycle so what I learned in 6th grade other kids learned in 8th grade and vice versa
  2. In 8th grade, I could choose when to have Grammar and Math
    Some of the courses obviously had to be staggered for our grade level. There were only two kids taking grammar and math at the 8th grade level--Dana and me. So our teachers would teach us whenever we were...available? Sounds very new age-y now and I'm surprised we didn't abuse this power.
  3. There were 6 kids in my 8th grade graduating class
    I still remember their first and last names, birthdays, and siblings
  4. High school was a little bigger but not by much
    There were 40 kids in our graduating class, 180 in the whole school. Everyone knew everyone's shit.
  5. My high school had a "Movement" class
    It was 90 min long--the first half was dancing to a 45 min Richard Simmons tape, the second half was learning Alexander technique
  6. When the White Sox won the World Series, two kids got detention for wearing Cubs gear
    This has nothing to do w size and all to do w it being a high school in the South Side of Chicago
  7. I secretly started dating someone senior year and all the teachers knew, so I made them individually promise me they wouldn't tell my parents. They all promised.
    And they kept their promise! My mom only found out cuz I got a UTI, and I asked her (a doctor) before looking it up online first. She freaked out and made me break up w him.
  8. Teachers were incredibly involved in our daily lives
    At times it was borderline inappropriate (and occasionally straight up inappropriate), but it was really amazing to be surrounded by adults who cared so deeply about us as humans. A few of them had such a profound impact on my life, and I don't know who I would be without them.