After the update ridding of relists, and then the one where we now have a large preview of images/gifs, it got super difficult for me to scroll through this app. So here are some lists I like to revisit frequently when my main feed just confuses the crap out of me.
  1. Probably my all time favorite list because listening to critiques can SUCK. @minhal
  2. OBSESSED. @Lily
  3. I actually have pretty much all of @iammeghanmurray's Hawaii hike lists saved so I can go do them all at some point.😎
  4. Also obsessed with this. @isabellmae
  5. Probably one of the best gif sets of all time 😍 @Lily
  6. When you get to #1 :') @PeteOnEarth
  7. Makes me wanna bake biscuits every time. @EpicureanCrusader
  8. I'm not a writer, but I could always improve my writing skills. @jenny
  9. @combatdavey
  10. Just some good eye candy 😍 @jessicaz
  11. Always love good substitutes even if I'm not eating vegan. @blonde
  12. I just wanna have great skin 😭 @den
  13. I'm not quite a college graduate yet, but I feel like I should know this stuff now? @MandyKN