1. I have a drawing professor that's an amazing artist, his wife is way cool, and he drives a Vespa.
  2. My first semester of college I had him as a beginning drawing professor and he taught me so much I wished I had known earlier.
  3. One day he brought PIZZA FOR THE CLASS
    It was a regular thing for us to all bring snacks to share, but teachers that love food are special people in my heart.
  4. He was always very humble about his artwork, even though they were amazing pieces.
  5. The next semester, I reluctantly took a figure drawing class from him.
    (drawing people)
  6. In the beginning there were many times when I didn't care, got frustrated, and wanted to cry.
  7. But he was always patient with me. He taught me even more, and worked with me when I was lagging behind.
    Impatient people like me need patient people to help them 99% of the time, whether it's admitted or not.
  8. He never said I couldn't do it. He always told me what I needed to do to be able to do it.
  9. He's always given me good, honest critiques of my work but also encouragement.
    I love honest teachers.
  10. Whenever I asked questions, he always had great insight to give, whether he realized it or not.
  11. Or if I was clearly feeling really down, he'd give me long pep talks that were genuine.
  12. If I had any doubts/discouragements, he'd remind me to do what I do to improve and to have joy. To do what you love!
  13. And when I was in clear depression last semester, he pulled me out of class to talk. To relate to his own experience.
  14. He gave me suggestions and hope, and told me about his personal past experience. He cried. But he never accused me, chastised me, or gave up.
  15. Today I had to show him some drawings, and afterward we talked a little bit.
  16. He was still so chill, even when I told him he sounded like a Death Eater.
  17. Don't get me started on how awesome his wife is as a teacher.
  18. I'm this bitter, difficult student, but you still care about me. Thank you.
  19. I don't think teachers realize that students actually DO like hearing personal experiences.
    Like, you were on Jeopardy? You played a lizard in a school play? You're doing a super cute 12 days of Christmas for your wife? Your eye got poked out from playing hide and seek? You went to the Soviet during a tense time in history? Do share!
  20. Thank you for teaching me whatever subject I'm enrolled in, but even more beyond that.
  21. I just appreciate teachers so much when they act like humans with passion, honesty, respect, emotion, and care. Show me that you love to teach, and I'll love to learn.