jan 16-feb 16. sure I've cried a bunch, but there's still so many ups and happy times to be thankful for!!!
  1. jan 16. collected the prettiest shells I've ever seen after baking my skin to a crisp in the sun. after this, I used my last $4 to buy ice cream. broke but WORTH IT.
  2. jan 20. CHOCOLATE WAS ON SALE!!!!!! I ate it all in like 2 days.
  3. jan 21. watched nervously as my friend jumped from that ledge...55ft!!!
  4. jan 24. ate healthy for 0.2 seconds. then I picked out the chocolate chunks from the rest of my granola.
  5. jan 25. realized I could see the ocean from this McDonalds. love. also not picture, got my bike fixed!! double love.
  6. jan 26. laughed as I facetimed my 8 year old sister
  7. jan 26. celebrated my 20th birthday with my cute friends!!!!!💛 and ate meat for the first time in 26 days!
  8. jan 28. took this selfie in the ocean hahahaha
  9. jan 29/30. helped dye my friend's hair purple & took 6 billion pics of her the next day. she strained her neck from me making her whip her hair so many times. oops??
  10. feb 1. when on THE LONGEST MOST RANDOM field trip with my art professors in minivans. we left so late because my professor ended up in H&M?
  11. feb 2. my roommates and I got sent 3 dozen cookies from our old roommate who's in Texas! chocolate chip, oatmeal reese's, and orange zest with white chocolate chips. HEAVEN.
  12. feb 4. went on this GORGEOUUUSSSS HIKE
  13. feb 5. was woken up from my nap by my roommate to go on a bike ride & saw sooo many cute cows!
  14. feb 7. got to go to the beach after a full day of rain
  15. feb 7. convinced my friends to go bowling at the school. Got a strike on my first bowl, but also got four consecutive 0s hahaha
  16. feb 11. Leonard's malasadas, what more can I say!
  17. feb 13. pet this lil guy. spot the semi nude draped model in the back lol
  18. feb 14. helped out with not one, but TWO Valentine's Day scavenger hunts. check out these dusky colors!!
  19. feb 15. admired everyone's paintings in the studio
  20. feb 16. me rn writing this list instead of going to bed