Inspired by @roaringsoftly & literally everyone I think I'm the last one to do this.
  1. This is me 👋🏼🤓😉
    I'm trying to decide if this shirt matches my skin tone.
  2. I'm in school for graphic design
  3. Just started taking mirror selfies
    I'm so 2000 and late.
  4. Not a mom, but with the way I have to take care of my unit mates, I'm pretty much their mom.
  5. I LOVE a good variety of foods from all cultures 🍴👅
    I list about food.
  6. I have an obsession with accurate makeup trends through history.
  7. I'm a themed party thrower.
    Most notable parties: Harry Potter party & waffle party
  8. I'm hardcore about Harry Potter.
  9. People usually describe me as: keepin' it real; can trust to give an honest opinion; blunt
  10. Welcome new Listers to the party!