1. Tiana's beignets
    Hi those look amazing, and if her friend is paying her $$$$$ for them, I trust that
  2. Snow White's gooseberry pie
    If a princess can trim a pie that easily/quickly/beautifully, it must be a bomb pie
  3. Alice in Wonderland cookies
    I let cookies pressure me into trying them too
  4. Biscuits from Brave
    Those look so tasty, I'd totally be down there with the triplets eating them by the armful
  5. Rapunzel's chocolate chip cookies
    Beautifully classic chocolate chip cookies
  6. Vanellope's race car
    Please give me a sugar high and cavities with this
  7. The cookie medal Vanellope gave Ralph
  8. Birthday cake the fairies made for Aurora
    Buttercream frosting FOR DAAYYYYSSS
  9. Pies & ice cream from Pinocchio
    This would be me if someone told me it's ok to be gluttonous
  10. Desserts during Be Our Guest
    Desserts that can hold together while they're dancing are ones you hold close to your heart
  11. Lilo's birthday cake by Stitch
    Someone PLEASE get me a cute alien to make me a birthday cake as tall as me
  12. Chocolates in Frozen
    I wouldn't even hide behind my fan. Chocolate is my weakeness
  13. When the machine goes haywire in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
    Turning the town into the world's largest sundae is a DREAM
  14. Also the donuts raining from the sky
    This would literally be me in that situation