I'm living in a house where the downstairs is rented out to vacationers, and this past weekend a random group of Polynesians were staying there.
  1. I think it's part of the Polynesian culture to revolve around food (and family/friends).
  2. Shoyu Chicken & Rice
    Chicken cooked with soy sauce (I think shoyu is Japanese for soy sauce?), ginger, sugar, and water. Honestly so good.
  3. They kept saying, "You sure you no want? We got choke food."
    Translation: Are you sure you don't want food? We have so much!
  4. Filipino Pork Adobo & Rice
    It was pretty tasty, but a little too vinegar-y for my preference.
  5. The guys explained to us that in Polynesian culture, it's very very common that the men prepare the food.
  6. Samoan Palusami
    Corned beef with coconut milk, wrapped in taro leaves.
  7. Ok not exotic, but Green Tea Lychee w/ Ginseng
    If you've ever had those little Lychee jellies, it tastes like that with a hint of green tea.
  8. Since my name is Hawaiian, they kept trying to talk to me in Hawaiian...soooo I was pretty lost in conversation.
  9. Grilled Oysters w/ Lemon, Shoyu & Tobasco
    Slimy and fishy, just as an oyster should be.
  10. Their last night, they gave us big ziplocs full of food and rice. SO. MUCH. RICE.
  11. A plate of food in Hawaii isn't complete without rice.
  12. So in return, we baked chocolate chip cookies for them since they were celebrating birthdays.