An open letter and a few thoughts I haven't shared before.
  1. My name is Anuhea 👋🏼
    ah noo hay ah
  2. It's Hawaiian and it means: cool soft fragrance a mountain breeze
    I'd like to know what a fragrance in the mountain smells like.
  3. It being uncommon, I've had to deal with years of struggling teachers and leaders.
  4. Everyone asks me if they can call me Annie.
  5. People will add random letters when they're trying to pronounce my name.
    Where did you get a Q sound from?!
  6. I used to be so embarrassed that my parents didn't name me something normal.
    I can never make a 'GIFS that show up when I search my name' list because there are none!
  7. Now, I love me name. It's unique and I can sign my first name on cards or emails without people wondering "which so and so is this?".
  8. But it makes me sad when people don't even try to learn my name.
    "that's too hard to remember" "I can't pronounce that" "can I call you something else"
  9. It makes me feel like they don't care about me because they don't want to even try.
  10. I guess this list is just me asking you to care about people's names.
  11. Some people prefer you to call them by their full name, while others prefer a nickname.
    I had a unit mate named Anuhea, but preferred Anu!
  12. Some people prefer just their initials.
  13. While some people don't mind whatever variation you call them.
  14. In a sense, what we prefer to be called is our personal brand.
    Ex. people with stage names are branding a whole new person!
  15. Our name is our identity.