Inspired by @marceline & @karlalucia
  1. I'm all about funky mugs
  2. Static
    The mug from Ross that started it all. I use it for EVERYTHING. It gives me life.
  3. Static
    Tiki mug from Hawaii that I'm pretty sure has never been used.
  4. Static
    This guy from Goodwill is for colored drinks like hibiscus tea or juice.
  5. Static
    Plastic and useless, but it's from my first Butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida.
  6. Static
    Disney mug from my sister, just because.
  7. Static
    From the time my sister asked the band director if I could go on the Disney field trip b/c I was too scared to ask.
  8. Static
    I hosted an Australian boy last year who gave us a bunch of random things that SCREAM Australia
  9. Static
    This mug was what my mom would make me hot chocolate in when I was little (but only if the Care Bears mug was dirty).
  10. Static
    From my friend for Valentine's day. We give each other V-day gifts every year.
  11. Static
    Haha not my mug but it's been around FOREVER. Judging by the graphics, I'm sure my dad got it in the late 90s or early 2000s.