Been trying to pick out pieces for my portfolio and thought I'd share a random mix of design, illustration, collage, etc that I may or may not use in my portfolio 🌞
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    floral illustrations by me, lettering by IG: courtney_letters
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  7. Static
    (photo reference from an old Stoned Immaculate lookbook)
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  9. Static
  10. Static
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    a wahine and her pua 🌺
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  13. Static
    wakey wakey, eggs n bakey collage
  14. Static
    I hand painted the designs for super soft baby swaddles at
  15. Static
  16. Static
    blanket functions for
  17. Static
  18. Static
  19. Static
    photo by IG: demareeality, illustration by me
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  21. Static
    a birthday card collage 😎
  22. Static
    hand painted signs for a friend's wedding!
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  24. If you feel like it, you can see all of the above works plus more on my IG: anuheachendesign 👩‍🎨
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