Inspired by @jennifergster @amyelizabeth. I couldn't not do this, it's just such a good list topic. And I'm definitely all these whackos in the multiverse.
  1. Norwegian high school aged girl.
    Love vacationing in America but will always say everything in Norway is better. My phone is filled with selfies. I obsess with myself.
  2. Peanut butter loving Spanish boy.
    I always wear a green Adidas jacket. I wish PB was more common in Spain and pack a PB&J sandwich over seafood and potatoes for lunch at work. My aunt always brings me the best PB from her trips to the US.
  3. Japanese game show host.
    Well connected. I go to dinners all the time. Most likely seen wearing an pink suit. I love to say "OK!👌". Wild hair, beautiful skin, and packed full of energy. I drink stuff like squid soda.
  4. Small town girl from Hawaii.
    Parents sell poke bowls. I'm paid to travel with my photographer boyfriend. I always get in trouble for not wearing shoes. Only taking up the paid travel to take my grandpa's ashes around the world.
  5. A female bonobo ape.
    I love my gal pal bonobos and matriarchy. I hug everybody in the pack.
  6. 1920s lady agent in Chicago.
    I fully support trousers for women. Goes undercover into a mob during Prohibition. I carry around a cane, my greatest weapon. I'm brutal but careful and effective.