comin' at ya live
  1. I don't know much more than that it's a Japanese Buddhist festival where you celebrate the spirits of ancestors
    (I think kinda like how there's Día de los Muertos)
  2. This list is mostly about the Bon-Odori though
    Which is the dance during Obon
  3. Every time my family has visited Maui in the summer we've come to the Obon festival to watch the Bon-Odori
  4. They opened this Bon-Odori with a message to get past our self-centeredness and be with the ancestors' spirits
    It was more eloquently worded but I forgot exactly what they said because I'm the worst
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    Taiko drumming
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    Geta on her feeeet
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    They also sell Chow Fun every year which is definitely Cantonese, not Japanese but that's ok
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    These Chinese pretzels aren't Japanese either but everyone in Hawaii loves them lol