not an expert but I feel like ya girl has tried a fair share
  1. TheBus (Oahu, HI)
    Probably the worst. Must have exact $2.50 change. Bus could come 40 minutes early or late. Grumpy bus drivers act like you TP'd their yard and will also get off the bus unannounced to go use the restroom.
  2. Taxi (Honolulu, HI)
    Once paid $60-70 for a 15 minute ride. Never rode the taxi in Honolulu again.
  3. Taxi (Thailand)
    Just the typical taxi. Upside: so bright and colorful they can't go unnoticed
  4. BART (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)
    Convenient and frequent stop times. Kinda smells like pee. Also screeches like the sound of a dozen tortured souls about to be greeted at the fiery gates of hell by Satan himself.
  5. Muni Bus (San Francisco, CA)
    Freaky. Also smells like pee. Gets ya where you need to go.
  6. Sprinter light rail (Southern CA)
    Convenient, well priced, comfortable. Beat the traffic.
  7. Songthaew (Thailand)
    It's like a taxi made from a pickup truck that you share with others. Can't say I remember it too well because I was 8 or 9. All I remember is my parents making my sisters and I close our eyes when we passed naked people haha
  8. San Francisco Cable Cars
    Super cool and fun but also costs $7 and is crowded so...
  9. Taxi (Taiwan)
    Super cheap, drivers can seem to maneuver around and through anything...would be great getaway car drivers.
  10. City Buses (Taiwan)
    Hardly any seats, but the Easy Card is super easy. No need to have change jingling in your pocket.
  11. Taiwan High Speed Rail
    Convenient and cuts your trip in half. Assigned seating so you don't have to race for a seat.
  12. Taxi (Valencia, Spain)
    Well priced, guaranteed to be in the popular tourist spots, helpful when your Spanish sucks. Can merge from 4 lane road into one lane road with no problem. I'd hire them to be the new Knight Bus drivers.
  13. Taipei Metro (Taiwan)
    Cheap, well kept, lots of lines for wherever ya gotta go, and you can use the same card you use for the buses!!!
  14. Coaster commuter train (Southern CA)
    Clean, great views of heaven aka places like Carlsbad and Encinitas, can buy ticket ahead of time on app.