Thanks for the request @audreypalumbo!
  1. I asked my friends if I could dress them up, 1950s inspired, and they were BABES
    I did research on the hair, makeup, and attire for a month straight before doing this aka admire pics of Grace Kelly & old Max Factor ads
  2. Static
  3. Static
    One year I convinced my family that we NEEDED to drive to Yosemite & San Francisco
  4. Did I join marching band senior year so that I could go on the Disney field trip? 💁🏻
  5. Junior year I was in a 2D studio art class, and my concentration was "lost & forgotten things"
    so basically I was photographing a bunch of cool trash
  6. Static
    luv dis texture
  7. Static
  8. her mom's New Zealand accent is 10/10
  9. Static
  10. hobby: watching surfers at Pipeline
  11. Static
    this friend is going to Poland soon 💔
  12. Static
    and this friend is in Australia 💔
  13. crying because I didn't look this good at 17 years old
  14. Static
    from that time my family went beach camping but ate out for every meal lol
  15. Static
    if looks could kill 💃
  16. Static
    she is actually a princess ?!?
  17. Since California's IN A DROUGHT we didn't really think it'd pour rain
    We were slipping in mud & I had to PEE IN THE RAIN
  18. Static
    aaaand this friend is in UKRAINE 💔
  19. Static
    this is the tree I drew in this list: art in my dorm
  20. Static
  21. Static
  22. This lil house in Joshua Tree was in shambles
    It looked like the doorframe was charred, so I'm curious what happened there
  23. Static
    I asked a friend if I could photograph her doing her thang and then interview her
  24. Static
  25. cruise ship windows make cool pics, let's make it a thing
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  27. Static
  28. Static
  29. I was this close to Ian Dale & all the main cast from Hawaii Five-0 :')
  30. dramatic lighting, yes pls
  31. Static
  32. Static
  33. I am literally their constant 3rd wheel
    you better believe that I listed their wedding bridals: I PHOTOGRAPHED WEDDING BRIDALS FOR THE FIRST TIME
  34. Static
  35. got 5 million mosquito bites in here
  36. Static
  37. no one loves anime more than her
  38. on Halloween I went paddle boarding with some friends in Haleiwa
    I was sooo bummed about not dressing up until I saw this
  39. Static
    This is inside Lake Hodges Dam in this list: THINGS TO DO IN SAN DIEGO (BESIDES THE OBVIOUS)
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  41. the wind was blowing strong gusts against us, whipping our hair in every which way. I could taste the salt from the ocean as we approached the cliffside
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  43. I'm on Instagram if you wanna hit me up (anuheachen) but I post what I want, when I want which is honestly so annoying