Most listers are totally already embracing the art of journaling by creating lists.
  1. a diary is what happened, journaling is writing about how you FEEL about what happened
  2. expressive writing directly impacts people's happiness in life
  3. when journaling, always self soothe/self coach through the situation...leave on a positive note
  4. journaling is trying to listen to the different voices in your head & letting them all be's a self awareness tool
    (ex. the voice telling you to be responsible, the one telling you to be healthy, to deal with finances, etc)
  5. it's challenging b/c you're looking into a mirror and having to confront feelings
  6. we don't want to feel the feelings we don't want to feel
    some of us do different things to cope, but eventually we have to feel so that we don't end up stuck
  7. the more you journal, the more you'll want to do it
  8. be authentic, raw, and real
  9. it's simply writing as you speak
    a conversation with yourself and your intuition
  10. allow yourself some time to just journal
  11. some days will be lighter and other days it'll be heavier. you'll need to write about what you don't want to feel
  12. we ALL have something to say
  13. something to help you journal: ask yourself a good question
    ask yourself something you've been wondering about; something you'd ask a good friend
  14. designate some time to be present with yourself
    ask yourself: how am I feeling?
  15. we have over 60,000 thoughts a day and many of them are repeat thoughts
    get them out in front of you so you can sort through them and maybe realize something wasn't a big deal
  16. your thoughts dictate your emotions & your emotions dictate your actions
    awareness is the first step to change
  17. pen & paper vs. cell phone/laptop
    all journaling is good
  18. the physical movement of writing it out is powerful
  19. there's more emotion through handwriting and it's different than what work you'd do on your computer or cell phone
  20. you can journal in voice memos
    whatever works for YOU
  21. journaling should be unfiltered
  22. don't write for your future self
  23. doing it consistently is great but not necessary
  24. don't judge yourself because you didn't consistently journal
  25. write for allows you to let it out
  26. journaling is like a type of meditation to create poetry or a blog post
  27. write a pleasure list
    what do you enjoy? things you like and what's fun for you
  28. be gentle with yourself
  29. ^These are notes I jotted down when I was listening to a podcast, Embracing the Art of Journaling, featuring Katie Dalebout.
  30. Journaling helps improve your mental and emotional wellbeing, and totally stimulates the brain.
  31. This is my current journal
    I like mine to be able to fit in my purse for when I want to quickly write an idea I had. This journal has heartache, drawings, notes from documentaries I love, happy lists, personal experiences, and entries from journal prompts I found.
  32. The pages are blank so I can doodle or write
    About 2/3 of the things I've written in this journal are bulleted lists.