Today she turns 9, so this one's for her 🎉🎂
  1. according to her:
  2. building Lego houses
    She's a lego building genius.
  3. having double jointed thumbs
  4. eating lots of candy
    I once ate almost 100 chocolate minis in a day, so I'd like to challenge her on this one.
  5. not napping
    I love my naps 💁
  6. having a four pack
  7. gymnastics
    bby girl got 2nd place in her age group at her first meet a couple months ago 🏅👏
  8. 🎂🎂🎂
  9. And then the ones I'm surprised she didn't include:
  10. ASL (American Sign Language)
    When she was in second grade she took an after school class once a week out of her own desire to learn. I'm IMPRESSED.
  11. playing chess
    Her last week of school this year, all the third graders learned how to play chess to compete against each other. She KILLED ME in chess.
  12. burpees
    A couple weeks ago she did 120 squats, 60 sit ups, and 30 burpees in 8 minutes while I laid there and did nothing. 💪 see above: having a four pack
  13. Belting the lyrics to the Moana soundtrack
    we liked going on drives to get ice cream while listening to Moana
  14. hair braiding terminology
    Like what's a lace braid?
  15. ALWAYS knowing where we should go eat
    I'd say 99% of the time, the answer I get is McDonald's.
  16. Photobombing
  17. happy birthday, cool girl 😎