I just got back to San Diego, so I thought I'd compile a few favorite less known spots.
  1. Mexican food from hole in the wall taco shops
    The smaller it is and more scared you are to go in the better.
  2. Torrey Pines Hiking Trails (San Diego)
  3. Chicano Park (San Diego/Coronado)
    Museum of murals beneath Coronado bridge!
  4. Hotel del Coronado (Coronado)
    Late Victorian style resort, believed to be haunted.
  5. Grand Tea Room (Escondido)
    A full service tea room aka every girl's tea party dreams come true.
  6. Cabrillo National Monument (San Diego)
    There's also a cute little lighthouse, a hike, and nearby are some tide pools.
  7. Orfila Winery (Escondido)
    You can do a wine tasting for $12/person.
  8. Lake Hodges Dam (Del Dios)
    May or may not be legal to explore the graffiti on the interior.
  9. Yellow Deli (Vista & Valley Center)
    Cute, hippie restaurant. It's run by people in The Twelve Tribes commonwealth.
  10. Dixon Lake (Escondido)
    Another hike with a great view.
  11. Old Town San Diego (San Diego)
    You can watch as the ladies make fresh handmade tortillas!!!
  12. Mount Soledad (La Jolla)
  13. Elfin Forest (Escondido)
  14. Bates Nut Farm (Valley Center)
    Best fudge ever! It's a farm with trees, animals, small shop with tasty honey and whatnot. In the fall, EVERYONE goes to the pumpkin patch.
  15. Succulent Cafe (Oceanside)
  16. Carlsbad Flower Fields (Carlsbad)
  17. Downtown Julian (Julian)
    I know it looks small and old, but go to Julian Pie Company and you'll have zero regrets.
  18. Queen Califia's Magical Circle (Escondido)
  19. Old Poway Park (Poway)
    Rustic, quaint park.
  20. Double Peak Park (San Marcos)
    Great place to hike up and watch the sunset.
  21. Salk Institute (La Jolla)
  22. Belmont Park (San Diego)
    Forget Disney. Who doesn't want to go to a small amusement park with a rickety rollercoaster by the beach?
  23. Liberty Station Public Market (San Diego)
    Take a walk inside (with a craft beer of course) and walk through the market. There are various restaurants serving up Thai food, empanadas, Mexican, Italian, etc. also great bakeries, butchers, and bicycle shops. The rest of Liberty station is great to ride a bike, take a run, catch a movie, and grab a cup of coffee.
    Suggested by   @gidgetteagogo
  24. Balboa Park (San Diego)
    Museums. The Old Globe. Gardens. The World Famous Zoo. Also lovely to just take a stroll through.
    Suggested by   @gidgetteagogo
  25. 94th Aero Squadron (San Diego)
    A buffet style restaurant that overlooks Montgomery Field and is modeled like a French farmhouse in the WW1 era.
    Suggested by   @gidgetteagogo
  26. Cedar Creek Falls...this photo was taken yesterday.
    Suggested by   @ElDudetterino
  27. Wonderland Ocean Pub: Originally a poet and amusement park back in the day now a waterfront bar and eatery offering free shots at sunset if you're at the bar and dollar oysters on certain nights
    Suggested by   @ElDudetterino