Thought of these when I was freezing on a 10 hour flight
  1. Bring a jacket
    I don't care if your destination is warm, tropical Hawaii. It's COLD on the airplane.
  2. Have something to do
    Download a couple podcasts, bring your journal, a book, magazines, a word search, create a playlist...ANYTHING. You never know what kind of entertainment/media they'll provide (or not provide). Or after 4 movies, you might feel like doing something else.
  3. Wear comfy shoes that are easy to take off and put on
    F u to all the people that say to wear your biggest, bulkiest, heaviest shoes to make your luggage lighter. Comfort, people!!!
  4. Wash your face before you go wait at your gate
    Then slather your face in moisturizer. It's gonna be drier on the plane so your face will try to overcompensate for the lack of moisture and overproduce oils. Don't let that happen.
  5. Your bag/backpack/purse can keep your feet warm
    For when you forget socks and are nearing frostbite.
  6. Turn on the overhead light to double as a furnace.
    Discovered this by accident. The spotlight is on YOU while you sleep. Your time to shine as drool rolls down your chin.
  7. Treat the crew with kindness.
  8. BONUS, a good look for flying: Put your hood over your bun then pull the strings and tie them because you're THAT COLD on the airplane.