1. Static
    *cries because Louis Vuitton ruined art*
  2. Static
    like a 3/5 for this sauce. but 10/10 for the giant cup of water.
  3. Static
  4. Static
    don't EVER forget sunscreen
  5. Static
  6. Static
    eggplant panini IS LOVE. but also the lilikoi dressing is DIVINE.
  7. Static
    me: *has discussion w friends as to why kids can be the worst...but runs up, swooning over the most adorable baby and gets baby fever again*
  8. Static
    woke up, told my friend my dream, then asked if we could go riding on the bike path...DRIPPED. SWEAT. EVERY. WHERE.
  9. Static
    saw a grill @ my friend's house and decided we NEEDED to barbecue. shoutout to the cooool silver fox that helped me light the grill haha
  10. Static
    I made ribs for the first time & WOW it's so much easier than I thought!!!🙌🙌🙌 Chicken skewers I need some tips n tricks. And wrapped in that lettuce is a cute lil hamburger
  11. Static
    hit 666 emails on Sunday so like, it's cancelled out right?????
  12. Static
    after DEEP CLEANING my friend's house w/ her housemates, we grabbed our OJ & bowl of pasta salad and went to watch the sunset
  13. Static
    secret campus bathroom that I love for the orange doors
  14. Static
    took a pic so I can ask my mom to send me more of these GOOD. CHIPS.
  15. Static
    stopping to feed the horses carrots but finding out they're greedy & aggressive
  16. Static
    L O L
  17. Static
    I hate hot dogs in buns, but love corn dogs
  18. Static
    Cook Islands performance @ the Polynesian Cultural Center...they're RIPPED but maybe b/c they have to do insanely intense dances
  19. Static
    invited someone from church who I don't know well & his friend to watch the sunset but when I went to pick them up they didn't respond to my messages and didn't come out for forever, so I said sorry I'm leaving maybe we can watch the sunset next time, and he messaged me back a minute later but I didn't realize until hours later...and now I've just been feeling so bad and stressed out because I seem mean and careless :/ sos
  20. Static
    funfetti cake for a fun friend 🎂
  21. Static
    started selling US state prints I designed :)
  22. Static
    took 3 hours to get up and motivated
  23. Static
    photographed my pretty friend!
  24. Static
    painted for FOREVER
  25. Static
    edited allllll the pics ✨
  26. Static
    my friend's housemate brought over a guy who BAKED SOURDOUGH BREAD FROM SCRATCH AND MADE US GOOOOD SOUP. decided he should come over more
  27. Static
    my friend wouldn't take her hair out of her bun so we could see what she'd look like for someone's wedding, so her cousin lended her hair. this dress is SO casual, but we'll be lucky to get shoes on her feet for the pictures
  28. Static
    cuuuuutest bride & groom
  29. Static
  30. Static
    met up with my friend from San Diego while she was on Oahu!!
  31. Static
    got goosebumps in the ocean while the sun set
  32. Static
    saw JACK JOHNSON just buyin a drank at the grocery store
  33. Static
    It stormed SO BAD one day that we could barely see mountains behind clouds, and windshield wipers didn't seem like they could go fast enough 😬