Requested by Swanson before he deleted. Mostly coming from my living in Oahu and a lil bit of Maui.
  1. Cultural Diversity
    There aren't just Hawaiians living here. There are white, Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Tongans, Samoans, Kiwis, Tahitians, and Latinos...many of which are mixed.
  2. Spam Musubi
    Spam is a staple in Hawaii. You can pick one of these bad boys up at the store and you're ready to roll to work (or the beach).
  3. Racism
    I know many white people who look down on Polynesians and see them as lowly. On the other hand, to many locals, white people (haoles) are thieves who violently overtook the islands and overdevelop.
  4. Kindness & Aloha
    But people are also ridiculously kind and loving. They might be very proud of these islands (and I mean VERY VERY proud of the 808), but they'll still throw up a shaka and help you along your way.
  5. Humidity
    Some days it's a hair clinging to your forehead day. But everyday is a 'don't leave your food out or it'll mold' day.
  6. Pidgin
    A simplified way to communicate used by the locals, and Hawaiian Pidgin is even recognized by the U.S. as a language. Pidgin words/terms I've learned: choke, da kine, haole, howzit?, junk, lanai, like beef?, moi moi, slippas
  7. Loco Moco
    A bomb breakfast, lunch, and dinner choice (and midnight snack). It's rice w/ a hamburger patty, egg, and gravy.
  8. Beaches
    Tip: go to North Shore Oahu or the West side to avoid Waikiki crowds
  9. Bugs
    The kitchen is home to cockroaches galore. I kill one, and two more appear. Raid is our best friend.
  10. Spam for breakfast
    Portuguese sausage, spam, eggs & rice are a common breakfast. Even McDonald's serves it.
  11. Everything is overpriced!
    For you California peeps, avocados here are about $1.50/ea! Milk drinkers, a gallon is $7-10!
  12. Weather
    It's not all sunshine & rainbows all the time. Just most of the time. It also rains most of the time. But I guess that's how we get our rainbows.
  13. Island Time
    Yeah Hawaii has its own time zone and doesn't do daylight savings, but island time means arriving to the party 20 minutes late because you were talking to an aunty (who's not actually related to you) at the grocery store.
  14. Macadamia Nuts, Coconut, Guava
    Add mac nuts and coconut flakes to a salad and now it's Hawaiian. Add haupia (coconut gelatin-like pudding) to your chocolate pie and it's Hawaiian. Add guava to your cake and it's Hawaiian.
  15. Traffic
    Ridiculous and not okay. It doesn't help that in some areas, the speed limit is 35mph. 35!!! Kam hwy, I'm talking about you.
  16. Hula
    It's more than grass skirts and waving your arms at your sides. Your hands, arms, feet, and hips are involved. That song or chant they're dancing to? The hula dance is a visual portrayal of that song or fact.