You got a sunburn. Now what?

  1. I went to the beach with my friend and wore sunscreen this time!
  2. ...eeeexcept I forgot my face
    It may not look burnt, but I can feel it real good.
  3. Here's what to do if you get a sunburn:
  4. 1. Get a knife out of anger and pain
  5. 2. Walk down some ghetto stairs
  6. 3. Admire a pretty plant
  7. 4. Cut off a stalk of fresh aloe
  8. That's more than enough
  9. 5. Peel the outside green part off
  10. 6. Rub the slime all over your face
  11. 7. Feel goooooooood 😎
  12. It's great for your skin and safe if it gets in your mouth 👍