You have one day to live. What are you going to have for your last meals EVER?

Thanks for the request @wfleming! :) I love food so much, I'd probably cry on my death bed thinking about the foods I didn't get to eat.
  1. Breakfast: Breakfast burrito (must be from a small taco shop run by Mexicans) 🇲🇽
  2. Lunch: Sushi 🇯🇵
  3. Snack: baby carrots w/ spicy avocado hummus 🇪🇬
    this stuff is heaven sent
  4. Snack 2: Almond croissant from France 🇫🇷
  5. Dinner: Paella (must be prepared by an actual Spaniard) 🇪🇸
  6. Dessert: shaved ice from Taiwan 🇹🇼