list of shows that should have ended after a handful of seasons but some executive wanted to milk them dry, I guess.
  1. The X-files
    The X-files without Mulder and Scully is a completely different show not worth watching.
  2. A Different World
    Dwain Wayne was never a heartthrob no matter how hard they tried to morph him into one.
  3. Supernatural
    Still on the air after 11 seasons when it should have only lasted 5-6 seasons, plot wise. It's great to stick around for your Fandom but the story has become boring and unwatchable.
  4. Bones
    Yawn. Formulas. 8-5 work week. Steady paycheck.
  5. Castle
    They canceled it for a reason.
  6. The Office
    Jim and Pam Forever not Jim and Pam married with kids and yadda yadda yadda.