I will
  1. Go back to Rome
  2. Be best friends with @mindy (don't resist it)
  3. Have clear skin (or at least be less red)
  4. Have a treadmill and/or elliptical trainer at home
  5. Not talk about high school as if these are the best days of my life
  6. OKAY if I'm not best friends with @mindy I will at least have her as a member of my squad (also including @tavi @aidybryant @gillianjacobs Aziz Ansari, Sasha and Malia Obama, and North West (preferably when she's like 16 and rebelling against Kim and Kanye)
  7. Learn how to take care of my feet
  8. Not care about people
  9. Not live in my activewear
  10. Write a screenplay