You ain't being a lipstick person for nothing. Though I do need to stock up on some shades, I've realised I'm out of a lot.
  1. Syrup by MAC
    This is a very weird story here, but I actually would be happy if this shade was with me at all times. A perfect everyday, every occasion, every mood color.
  2. Afghan Red by NARS
    Not a red, more of a Bordeaux for the day kind of colour. People wear it out at night, I wear it to work.
  3. All Fired Up by MAC
    Hitting it hard with the most perfect bold pink/red. My life changed when I bought this.
  4. Ruby Woo by (obv) MAC
    The red.
  5. Sex Machine by NARS
    Another great everyday shade.
  6. Flat Out Fabulous by MAC
    Now, if the name of this shade hasn't inspired you to be fantastic, then the color will: a cold, bold purple-y pink that never goes unnoticed.
  7. Runner-ups
    Pink Plaid by MAC, Luxembourg by NARS, Charm by Dolce&Gabbana.