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It's intimating to know these people, sometimes.
  1. Window Display Designer at Anthropologie
    We're not talking about some rinky dink Nebraska Anthropologie. She works in NYC, and is basically living the dream of many twenty-somethings.
  2. National Editor at Chalkbeat
    This is an educational journalism website that my friend started working at three years ago. Now she's one of the head honchos. I can't say I'm surprised: she was editor in chief of Columbia's daily newspaper.
  3. Imogen Heap's Studio Manager
    He is in charge of not only her studio, but most of her scheduling, meals, and everything else you could imagine. Lately his office has been the rehearsal stage for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
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I moved to a new house in March, and there still things I haven't found.
  1. Nail clippers
    I know that nail clippers are pretty much $2, but I haven't bought new ones because I'm holding out hope.
  2. Flat socks
    Or at least most of them. I found two pair, but I have WAY more than that!
  3. Necklaces
    All other jewelry is accounted for, but ALL NECKLACES are gone.
  4. The dongle that makes my wireless headphones wireless
    RIP Playstation Gold Bluetooth dongle
I don't have records of half the tattoos I've given, but here's a few that I did take pictures of.
  1. Modest Mouse for a fellow teacher.
  2. A happy robot for my fellow teacher, again.
    When we taught I gave her a new one on most days.
  3. An aquatic Disney sleeve for a roommate.
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  1. Identifying the original 151 Pokémon.
    This is a talent that my friends could honestly care less about, but I will FOREVER be proud. ✨
  2. Reciting interesting anecdotes, trivia and facts.
    I recently spent 5+ minutes telling my friends facts about pigeons. NPR and podcasts make me seem much more knowledgeable than I am.
  3. Neatly folding shirts with no flat surface to fold them on.
    I was an on-call employee at a Macy's department store, and I had certain managers who RECOGNIZED my potential. Shout out to my homies in housewares and intimates.
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A list fueled by my constant need for affirmation during a month of tumultuous events.
  1. Do you want to hang out?
  2. Am I annoying you or hurting our friendship in any way?
  3. How can I help you to make up for how much you're helping me?
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I'm sorry, but if I had to pick one social media site, it would be Twitter. I still love you, li.st app.
  1. Posting jokes
    Twitter is the best format for jokes. DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE.
  2. Posting photos of animals in my life
    Because there are too many to post on Instagram
  3. Interacting with people that don't know me, but I wish I was friends with
    I feel like this is unacceptable in every other medium.
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  1. Cry in my meeting with my boss.
  2. Cry in my car on my way to lunch.
  3. Try not to cry when the nice guy in the Taco Bell drive thru apologizes for giving me the wrong drink.
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  1. Head lamps, while dorky looking, are SO practical.
  2. Reese's are a better smores ingredient than Hershey's!
    Am I the only one that didn't know this was an option?
  3. Always be prepared for pictures.
    Because they're going to happen.
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I'm not counting the live albums, SORRY.
  1. Parachutes - A Constant Friend
    Parachutes has been there since I was introduced to Coldplay. It's on most of my playlists, and was always a go to for sad or quieter moments in life. Three tracks close to my heart: Don't Panic (a perfect start to a discography - it always feels too short), Sparks (has always felt like floating, or summer candles reflected in a lake), Everything's Not Lost (perfect pairing of the piano and their signature guitar sound)
  2. A Rush of Blood to the Head - My First Coldplay Album
    My closest friend in Middle School introduced me to this album, and I IGNORED HER. I remember watching the music video for The Scientist at her house and thinking it was okay. Like most music that she recommended to me, I grew to love this album. Three tracks close to my heart: Politik (the bridge breaks my heart every time), Warning Sign (feels like the warmth of a long distance friendship), A Rush of Blood to the Head (one of the first songs I ever learned on guitar and was my fave for years)
  3. X&Y - Nighttime Driving
    After my friend moved away she'd come to visit me every once in a while. One time she brought X&Y with her, and it's been in my top ten perfect albums ever since. I spent weeks notating and arranging Speed of Sound for a string orchestra in high school (never heard it played). It's best heard on early morning highway drives. Top three tracks: Square One (captures the sound of the entire album for me), The Hardest Part (song of my heart/weirdest video), Til Kingdom Come (empowered crying?)
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  1. Hanging out with my chickens.
    I didn't know it was possible to love two creatures who find me to be such an annoyance.
  2. My new counselor!
    Guys, therapy is great, and everyone should do it. Yes, that includes you.
  3. Ray Bradbury
    "A walk on a spring morning is better than an eighty-mile ride in a hopped-up car, you know why? Because it's full of flavors, full of a lot of things growing. You've time to seek and find."
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