I don't have records of half the tattoos I've given, but here's a few that I did take pictures of.
  1. Modest Mouse for a fellow teacher.
  2. A happy robot for my fellow teacher, again.
    When we taught I gave her a new one on most days.
  3. An aquatic Disney sleeve for a roommate.
  4. Rabbit w/ beet for a garden loving friend.
  5. "Be still my heart" for a friend who gave me no guidelines.
    A Valentine's day tattoo that was under appreciated.
  6. Cat w/ heart eyes for my brother
    Inspired by @mirielle's emoji habits.
  7. Tribal elephant for my cousin.
  8. Gradient shark for my cousin's son.
  9. A sleeve of wildlife and monsters for my friend.
  10. Cobra back tatt for another cousin's son.
  11. Flowers for my aunt.
    I spent a couple hours a day at my family reunion giving tattoos.
  12. Darth Vader for my boniest cousin.
  13. Batman and Superman for my co-workers.
  14. The happiest corgi for Cousin Katherine.
  15. A snail for my mother's neighbor.
  16. Capricorn for my brother.
  17. A ninja turtle for my cousin's other son (there are so many).
  18. A strawberry fox for my friend's little sister.
  19. A pumpkin elephant for her other arm.
    Her two favorite animals combined with the two foods she's allergic to.
  20. Ira Glass' face inside a rose for @agestclair.
    I honestly can't remember who thought this up.
  21. A hipster last unicorn for my brother.
  22. A punny pig for Adrienne.
    I was reminded of who this was for by @lizvander
  23. A cat with a fiddle for my friend's sister.
  24. Tiger eyebrows for my cousin's little son.