These are all the ones I could find, in the order I received them.
  1. Static
    Allison a la Gianna. Probably 2006.
  2. Static
    My niece Sarah sent this to me in the mail in 2008. She's now a preteen and going through a goth phase.
  3. Static
    Drawn by a guy in my graphic design 101 class in spring of 2010. During this time in my life there were some guys that called me "Velma" and never learned my real name.
  4. Static
    Summer of 2010! My niece, Wren, drew me on our black top Florida driveway.
  5. Static
    Her twin sister, Accalia, drew me as well. When I asked her to pose next to her drawing, she did this.
  6. Static
    Fall 2010. My roommates were all about being roommates. This was drawn by Holly, who has been my closest college friend.
  7. Static
    Also by Holly at the very end of 2010. I was very very sick in the last couple weeks of the semester. I was guzzling peppermint tea and sitting around in my winter hat. I wore a toilet paper roll on a chain around my neck so that I didn't have to carry a tissue box.
  8. Static
    Winter 2011. A loving portrait by my brother, inspired by a horrible picture of me, and the game "Diablo II"
  9. Static
    Spring 2012. I made two very important friends in Russia. Nicole was one of them, and she made me this watercolor portrait.
  10. Static
    Spring 2012. I was in Salt Lake City with Christian. There was a street artist with a homemade photo booth. When she was done drawing, she pushed the photo strip through a slot and made a quiet whirring noise with her mouth.
  11. Static
    Spring 2013. I participated in a project called "Selfless Selfies," and a lovely girl from Brazil drew me.
  12. Static
    2015. Kim moved into our ward, and drew me early in our friendship! I had seen her BFA show before I ever met her, and was already in awe.
  13. Static
    Spring 2015. A caricature by a booth artist at a marketing convention. I love that she basically had a Xena warrior princess pad.
  14. Static
    Late 2015. Kim drew me again. Always with a halo. What does that mean?
  15. Static
    Spring 2016. I asked people to draw me while I gave a talk at church. Mirielle draws everyone every Sunday, so I knew I could count on her.
  16. Static
    Church drawings continue! This one was from Alex, one of my favorite people in Utah.
  17. Static
    One from Heidi! You can SO tell that she is an elementary school teacher. I once drew her, and she set it as her phone background.
  18. Static
    I don't know Clarissa very well, but she blew me away with her drawing of me. It makes me look like a strong Hayao Miyazaki character.
  19. Static
    @lizvander drew a blind contour of me that I love. I haven't seen too many of Liz's drawings, but her line work STRIKINGLY matches her personality.
  20. Static
    I got texted this one later in the day. Emily did an amazing job with her sketch of me.