It's intimating to know these people, sometimes.
  1. Window Display Designer at Anthropologie
    We're not talking about some rinky dink Nebraska Anthropologie. She works in NYC, and is basically living the dream of many twenty-somethings.
  2. National Editor at Chalkbeat
    This is an educational journalism website that my friend started working at three years ago. Now she's one of the head honchos. I can't say I'm surprised: she was editor in chief of Columbia's daily newspaper.
  3. Imogen Heap's Studio Manager
    He is in charge of not only her studio, but most of her scheduling, meals, and everything else you could imagine. Lately his office has been the rehearsal stage for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  4. Medical Doctor in Australia
    This girl graduated from highschool at the same time as me and has already been a doctor for a year.
  5. Notary for the City of Provo
    Okay this isn't her official title, but she had to become a notary for her job, and that feels like a superpower to me.