I'm not counting the live albums, SORRY.
  1. Parachutes - A Constant Friend
    Parachutes has been there since I was introduced to Coldplay. It's on most of my playlists, and was always a go to for sad or quieter moments in life. Three tracks close to my heart: Don't Panic (a perfect start to a discography - it always feels too short), Sparks (has always felt like floating, or summer candles reflected in a lake), Everything's Not Lost (perfect pairing of the piano and their signature guitar sound)
  2. A Rush of Blood to the Head - My First Coldplay Album
    My closest friend in Middle School introduced me to this album, and I IGNORED HER. I remember watching the music video for The Scientist at her house and thinking it was okay. Like most music that she recommended to me, I grew to love this album. Three tracks close to my heart: Politik (the bridge breaks my heart every time), Warning Sign (feels like the warmth of a long distance friendship), A Rush of Blood to the Head (one of the first songs I ever learned on guitar and was my fave for years)
  3. X&Y - Nighttime Driving
    After my friend moved away she'd come to visit me every once in a while. One time she brought X&Y with her, and it's been in my top ten perfect albums ever since. I spent weeks notating and arranging Speed of Sound for a string orchestra in high school (never heard it played). It's best heard on early morning highway drives. Top three tracks: Square One (captures the sound of the entire album for me), The Hardest Part (song of my heart/weirdest video), Til Kingdom Come (empowered crying?)
  4. Viva la Vida - Europe & Art History
    This album came out the summer that I was in Europe touring with an orchestra. There was promotional stuff in every country. We listened to and debated about the first singles. Then it became the soundtrack of my studio art/art history class. Three tracks close to my heart: Viva La Vida (undeniably iconic for the end of high school), Strawberry Swing (absolutely perfect use of strings throughout this album), Death and All His Friends (I end up scream singing every time - PLUS 7/4 time ❤️)
  5. Prospekt's March - Post-Concert Life
    Okay so MAYBE Coldplay chose me and my friends for front row seats, and MAYBE I had the time of my life. Receiving Prospekt's March was just the icing on this era of Coldplay. Three tracks close to my heart: Life in Technicolor ii (this song audibly SHINES), Glass of Water (I can't NOT dance to this song, especially at the chorus), Prospekt's March (the most calm and melancholy of this era of Coldplay - low-key lit, black and white in comparison)
  6. Mylo Xyloto - Spring in Rexburg
    I remember making fun of the track list of this album when it was first announced. It took a while, but it grew on me and is... well, one of my favorites at this point in my life! I blasted it from my car speakers in the Spring. It feels like freedom. Three tracks: Hurts Like Heaven (this song makes me feel like I can run faster, jump higher, maybe even fly), Charlie Brown (no words - just unending love), Major Minus (the "darkest" sounding track on the album and such a great contrast)
  7. Ghost Stories - Provo
    Ghost Stories arrived when I was finally establishing myself in Provo. I bonded with co-workers over it. Listened to it while driving around. Drove to Target to get the extra tracks. Three favorite tracks: Midnight (the first song I heard of the album, and such a distinct soundscape to escape to), Magic (so simple and one of their singles that I never got tired of), Oceans (a song I DRENCH myself in - it makes me feel like a buoy physically bobbing on the ocean)
  8. A Head Full of Dreams - ...
    Honestly, I haven't gained many memories with this album yet. I love how it makes me feel, though. When I see them live this summer, I'll probably have more to say. Top three tracks: Birds (that flying feeling from Mylo Xyloto returns in a great way), Hymn For the Weekend (I feel cooler listening to this song, but that I should be wearing sunglasses), Adventure of a Lifetime (another one of those blasting in the car songs - windows down are a must)