1. Traditional Cello
    I've invested 4,000+ hours into the cello. The only thing I've spent more time practicing is drawing and video games.
  2. Electric Cello
    Put it on a snare harness, or plug in a looping pedal! It's the same skills, but ⚡️.
  3. Tenor Ukulele
    I play and sing Lorde and Coldplay in secret, because I think every girl I knew in college had a ukulele.
  4. Melodica
    The only instrument I own that collects communal spit.
  5. Penny Whistle
    I've mastered "My Heart Will Go On."
  6. Mountain Dulcimer
    The thing is tuned to sound good no matter where you put your fingers, but I have no idea what I'm doing.
  7. Guitar
    I just can't.
  8. Accordion
    Simultaneously the coolest and stupidest purchase I have ever made.