1. I still listen to Evanescence.
    Most people gave up in junior high, but I can't quit those heavy guitar riffs. I will sing the screaming part of "Wake Me Up Inside" every time.
  2. I'll buy the large popcorn tub when I go to movies by myself.
    It's all about popcorn for dinner, and the free refill for next time. When I see a movie with someone else, I get a small because that's an amount that won't make me sick.
  3. I watch My Little Pony when I'm sad.
    Friendship is magic, and MLP is the only brain candy that can pull me out of a funk. My 9 year-old nieces tell me that they're too old to watch it with me.
  4. I'm addicted to Taco Bell's Mountain Dew Sangrita Blast.
    I don't even like Taco Bell's food, but I'll drive to the next town over once a week to get a large cup of this chemical bliss.
  5. I watch at least one "let's play" YouTube video every day.
    There is a British man who posts videos of himself playing video games every day, and he's so funny that I pay him $12 a month so that he doesn't have to get a "real" job.
  6. I sing to animals when I'm alone.
    Whether it's dogs or chickens, I will make up lyrics and sing to them to the point where I annoy myself.
  7. I'll stay at work up to two hours later if I can convince my coworkers to play video games with me.
    This is great, because most of my friends don't enjoy video games like I do. Eventually their wives tell them to come home, and we continue the online play until as late as 1:00 AM.