1. DESTROYED my huge work task list.
    Including a wireframe sketch for a rabbi in South Africa.
  2. Read another decent chunk of my current book.
    This is a bigger deal when you know that the last time I finished a book was in May (I think).
  3. Achieved a really satisfying level of spiritual connection/hope/comfort that I've been in desperate need of.
  4. Took care of the temporal needs of my chickens.
    They still screamed at me even though I let them out, I cleaned their coop, refilled their water AND gave them their favorite treat.
    I don't care if this sounds trivial. I haven't made myself a proper meal in months.
  6. Wrote and addressed 4 postcards.
    ...and unintentionally chose Cadbury mini egg colors for almost all of them.
  7. Liberated Brooklyn from rioters.
    I played some video games, OKAY? I mean, I have to use my new computer SOMEHOW.
  8. Tuned my poor cello.
    She's been neglected for far too long.