1. Typing while people are watching
    Can you turn around so my fingers will stop feeling like flailing bratwurst?
  2. Making video game friends
    I'll run into a stranger online that likes playing with me, so they add me as a friend. I then can only log on if I am free to play with them, but end up avoiding them because it's too stressful.
  3. Calling any business on the phone
    I order so many more pizzas now that online ordering is standard. 🍕
  4. DJing at work/in a shared car
    Okay, that was two fast songs. Is it time for something more chill? Is José Gonzalez too obscure? Will they judge me if I play Gwen Stefani?
  5. Being the first or last person to wake up on a trip
    I was always the first kid to wake up at a slumber party, so I'd just lay in my sleeping bag. Waiting.
  6. Toy Story 3
    I can't.