Reasons I Signed Up for Your Email Newsletter

And why I haven't unsubscribed in the years since.
  1. Fleeting moment of inspiration.
    Surely this will help me consume more culture on a daily basis.
  2. I didn't. I'm quite sure of it.
    What is this and where did it come from? Why do I have to "view in browser" in order to unsubscribe? Will unsubscribing outweigh the sputtering sense of accomplishment I get from eliminating this red dot each day?
  3. Because I bought something, once, back in '09
    Really though, I did enjoy my purchase. You're right to follow up and the collection looks nice, probably next time you have a sale.
  4. It was before I learned to make up emails when faced with a persistent cashier.
    My apologies whoever has my name
  5. Persistent gnawing moment of inspiration
    If this guy can keep writing everyday you can do the same. Unsubscribing will make you a quitter. Just like you quit writing everyday - like this guy does.
  6. 20% off?!
    Not eligible for Prime though. Nvm.
  7. Your kind eyes.
    Freaking clipboard toting pillar of good moral standing. Of course I care about the rivers. I'll give again. I'm just in a hurry.
  8. I definitely didn't.
    Do I seem like the kind of person who cares about Lake Delavan Resort in Wisconsin!!?