Childhood Neighborhood Friends (I wonder how/where/what they are)

The most awesome pals from the age of 8 to 16...then we all had to go and grow up.
  1. Lisa
    the bff
  2. Josh
    the fun jokester
  3. Michelle
    the cool older chick
  4. Danny
    the cute little brother
  5. David
    the hot older brother
  6. Jody
    the visiting grandson
  7. Pepper
    the ultra cool older "sis".
  8. Fred
    the surrogate grandpa
  9. Sherilyn
    the always present little sister
  10. Marcus
    the new kid who was really fun
  11. Norma
    the girl next door
  12. Jimmy
    the secret crush...oh man, did I have it bad