My beautiful cousin, Emily West (my one and only follower right now), introduced me to this introverts dream of an app so I thought I would offer an introduction of my own. I will add, it is very odd to confine yourself to a list, but I will do my best. Hello all, my name is Allison. Here's a very small peek into my soul. 🌻💛
  1. I'm an introvert.
    I live much of my life inside my mind and my intuition is my lifeline. I feel everything deep within my soul, which is both a blessing and a curse. I know myself backwards and forwards. I like the spotlight like I like my coffee.. note: I do not like coffee.
  2. I LOVE my family. No, really.
    I've been surrounded by family all my life. They're my support, my friends, my rocks, my everything. I am who I am because they love me.
  3. I'm a dog person.
    This might not seem personal, but trust me it is. I love animals and I love my animals. My puppy Roxy is the sweetest little(n.) you'll ever meet. Please enjoy this picture of her from last Christmas. And yes, yes I did have a dog photoshoot in front of the tree.
  4. I love books and movies. A lot.
    It's my escape. Self explanatory, really. #ravenclaw
  5. I love to bake.
    I'm no expert, but baking makes me happy.
  6. I hate small talk.
    I want to talk about love, and life, books you read in childhood, what keeps you up at night, your favorite movies, who makes you laugh, your biggest fears. Ask me about the weather and I'll never have anything to say. Show me a piece of your soul and I'll talk to you for hours.
  7. I'm a middle child.
    Don't have the syndrome, but definitely the characteristics. I quite enjoy my place in this world.
  8. I'm a graduate student.
    One semester in and counting. Remember how I said I don't like coffee? Send help pls.. I'm writing this list instead of reading for school.
  9. Style is my art form.
    I love clothes. Not in a Barbie airhead way, more like I can't draw and this is my expression way. My outfit will always clue you in on how I feel that day. Thank God for TJ Maxx. 🙏
  10. If you're sincere, we'll get along. Genuine people are my favorite.
    Don't bother faking, I can tell.