1. "I feel like you are going to be what prevents me from being fully intimate with someone"
  2. "happy late v day. ur an after thought"
  3. "I would take a non-lethal bullet for you"
  4. "If you're a 100 lb pale white girl with anxiety then I'm a 100 lb pale white girl with anxiety"
  5. "Yo dude I heard you have a big bag of dog food at ur house? Is this true do you still have it??"
  6. "I think you're cool for a pale strange white girl"
  7. "Good night, love you!"
  8. "That text was meant for my mom"
  9. "I would fight the armies of every Asian country and walk through every gang affiliated neighborhood in stockton wearing the rival gangs colors if it meant I could shawty you up 💯💸💯💸💯💸💯💸💯"
  10. "Happy bday I guess"
  11. "Don't forget today is dads birth day. Call, text or se da him smock signals"
    From my mother
  12. "Did she try to exorcise you? Again"
    About my mother
  13. "acknowledge me I'm a minority"
  14. "lemme wife u up"
  15. "You better pray she is infertile"
  16. "No don't text this number ever again"