1. House of Morgan
  2. The Three Body Problem
  3. Sapiens
  4. Der fuehrer
  5. All Things Cease to Appear
  6. The Better Angels of our Nature
  7. Negotiating the Impossible
  8. How Not to be Wrong
  9. The Meaning of Human Existence
  10. The Honest Truth About Dishonesty
  11. Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages
  12. The sovereign individual (james dale davidson)
  13. Logicomix
  14. Shoe Dog
  15. The beginning of Infinity
  16. Cannabis Pharmacy
  17. Last Call: the rise and fall of prohibition
  18. The Ascent of Money (Nail Ferguson)
  19. The Lost City of the Monkey God
  20. Climate of Hope (Michael Bloomberg & Carl Hope)
  21. Dark Matter (Blake Crouch)
  22. The kings depart: The tragedy of Germany : Versailles and the German revolution
  23. The Industries of the Future (Alex Ross)
  24. Dark Money (Jane Mayer)
  25. How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking
  26. Reality Is Not What It Seems (Carlo Rovelli)
  27. Seven Brief Lessons on Physics (Carlo Ravolli)
  28. The Code Book
  29. The Complacent Class (Tyler Cowen)
  30. 1984
  31. The Sovereign Individual
  32. Sipping from the Nile
  33. The Man in the White Shark Skin Jacket
  34. Seven Brief Lessons on Physics
  35. Storm in a teacup: the physics of every day life
  36. Reality is not what it seems (the journey to quantum gravity)
  37. The Origins of Value: the financial innovations that created modern capital markets
  38. Algorithms to live by
  39. The social organism
  40. Cryptonomicom
  41. Antifragile by nassim taleb
  42. Black swan by nassim taleb
  43. Snowcrash
  44. Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital - Carlotta Perez
  45. Station Eleven: John Mandel
  46. Money: The Unauthorized Biography--From Coinage to Cryptocurrencies
  47. Red Notice