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  1. So a couple months ago I decided to stop shaving/waxing my armpits for good
  2. They had been in a constant state of breakouts and ingrown hairs
    No matter what I did they always looked red and angry
  3. Since they've been hairy my pits have been so happy!
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I know it came out forever ago. I am just now watching it on my DVR. These are my thoughts, live list style. YEEEAAAHH. (SPOILERS! Obviously)
  1. Thank god they go straight to the dancing.
  2. Thank god for Channing Tatum
    And his adonis physique
  3. Im not saying everyone has to be attracted to him
    But C'MON! (Seriously even if you don't find him attractive at least you get the hype? Maybe?)
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  1. It's good for you!
    Naturally probiotic (not really sure what that means but I know it's good for you😉😝)
  2. It's kinda like a pickle
    I ❤️ pickles
  3. It's spicy!
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  1. I'm sorry to all my friends on Facebook/social media who "celebrate" this day
  2. I wish somehow I could not see anything about this day ever again.
  3. This is why...
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  1. Daredevil on netflix
    Charlie Cox can 100% get it.
  2. I only watch after I've "gone to bed"
    My laptop resting on my torso while I half lie down propped up by pillows
  3. I can't ever just watch one episode only
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  1. My roommate moved out unexpectedly
  2. He may or may not be giving me money for rent
  3. Even though he only gave me EIGHT days notice
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  1. I hate this.
  2. It's fucking depressing as shit
  3. Why am I still downloading the episodes every week?
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