I looooove amazing movies. Most of these are not them. 😬😉
  1. Top Gun
    This all happens to be my favorite movie (which I do admit to, but only if I really trust you)
  2. National Treasure
  3. National Treasure: Book of Secrets
    Basically most bad Nicolas Cage movies especially!!
  4. Con Air
    That bunny tho...
  5. 13 going on 30
    The start of my infatuation with Mark Ruffalo
  6. Sweet Home Alabama
    I've always wanted a cool nickname like "felony Melanie"
  7. This is where I leave you
    I love this movie. It's on HBO now and whenever it's on and I see it I'll watch it.
  8. It's complicated
    Was reminded of this last night when I stayed up until 5am to watch it. Oops!
  9. Because I said so
    Hello Gabriel Macht! I'm sitting at home watching this while eating for my friends to come get me for brunch. I might dvr it just so I can watch it all the way through later.