Let me begin by saying that, in the mouth of anyone other than my beautiful girlfriend, these phrases and made up words would be just nonsense. Somehow, though, these get stuck in my head and I have begun to say things I never thought I would. Here are a few examples.
  1. Yao Ming
    No, not the 7' 6" former Houston Rockets center. This phrase can be uttered when subject to any form of pain. For example, "I stubbed my toe, Yao Ming!" Another variation includes "Yao Minkus", which is of course an ode to "Boy Meets World".
  2. Yahoozleton
    This phrase originated as "yahoozle" and eventually transcended into this lengthened form. Meant to signify great happiness or excitement. For example, "it's almost the weekend, yahoozleton!!"
  3. Bottle ottle ottle
    Originally used to signify awkwardness specifically when coming to one of those intersections with only a two-way stop and not knowing if the other cars will stay stopped or not. Now used to signify awkwardness of any kind. Another variation is "bottie ottie ottie".