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Or, things I repeat almost daily.
  1. You do you, man*
  2. Get in where you fit in
  3. Get it, girl*
  4. * gender nonspecific
I have small kids, so alone time is a real treat.
  1. Taking a nap.
  2. Laying in bed and tool around on my phone.
  3. Lounging on the couch and tool around on my phone.
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  1. George. My baby.
  2. Beautiful North Carolina Sunday drive
  3. I love this sink. It's from a bow tie store in Raleigh. I recall the soap smelled great, too.
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AJ and I talk about this often. Let's assume a moderate lottery win: $1M
  1. 1.
    Student loans. Not the flashiest, but by far the most exciting. After taxes on our winnings, we'd be free from Sallie Mae with about 500k to spare.
  2. 2.
    Our house and car. No brainier. 385k left.
  3. 3.
    100k to each kid's saving account. Also a duh.
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I closed my eyes and scrolled.
  1. Andy, circa early 2014
  2. Hannah, last week
  3. Andy, day 1!!
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  1. Waking up on my own accord, and discovering that it was 10 am. Sleeping in with two kids is extra special.
  2. Dragging myself out of bed to find my husband walking up the stairs with a fresh cup of coffee for me.
  3. Going back to bed to enjoy my fresh cup of coffee.
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