1. Waking up on my own accord, and discovering that it was 10 am. Sleeping in with two kids is extra special.
  2. Dragging myself out of bed to find my husband walking up the stairs with a fresh cup of coffee for me.
  3. Going back to bed to enjoy my fresh cup of coffee.
  4. Eating a delicious sandwich from DiBella's. The only time I let AJ order for me (we split a large) and he makes sure to add banana peppers and remove the cheese from my half, just like I like it.
  5. This face.
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  6. Taking a surprise but necessary 15 minute cat nap. Alone. Blankets all mine.
  7. Laying next to a snarfling, sleeping baby girl while reading the Internet after having woken up from said nap. AJ is making dinner, and I can hear Andy in the next room watching Puffin Rock and I know he is so happy.