Very Telling Eggs

  1. This is both a cheese omelet and French toast because rules are made to be broken and also I'm not one hundred percent sure on how to channel the small pangs of rebelliousness I occasionally feel because pleasing people is vvvvv important to me
  2. This was made with leftover prawn gassi curry that I stole from my roommate because she's incredibly passive aggressive and I like to infuriate her through these acts of micro aggressions which is the only superior form of aggression
  3. This was made with sweet potatoes on a Sunday that I was feeling especially Tumblr; I listened to No Words by Eric Hassle the entire time on loop and sent this photo to three men that I hoped would see me in a new light
  4. These eggs were purely decorative; I did it for the gram; what kind of idiot wouldn't swirl that yolk goodness into the nonsense tomatoes
  5. Same as above
  6. Cheesy eggs meant to win the approval of ex, one hundred percent ineffective, he broke up with me two months after these eggs, side note eggs might have at best/worst delayed the inevitable
  7. An omelet made for my own personal enjoyment; yolk is completely swirled, ate it alone.