First world probs!
  1. Typing away at work when pc goes off, transcription machine goes off and even the fan goes off!
    Turns out plug was loose
  2. Power is restored - the screen resolution has gone all fuzzy! No way to sort it as we're restricted to server controls.
    Reported fault to computer ppl. Matter of waiting for them to get back to us
  3. Have to sit at another pc - luckily the sec don't work Friday's
    Have to adjust to get bearings from sitting elsewhere using other person's stationery/tools etc
  4. When all the above was happening, realised that I didn't actually have a tiny cut on my thumb but it was actually a splinter!
  5. Planned to go out and buy magnifying glass to make sure and then ask someone to get splinter out for me as I'm totes squeamish and I'm not a leftie so wouldn't be able to get it out props myself
  6. Was told receptionist had sewing kit
  7. Heads down to reception to ask my buddy if she could lend me needle/pin
  8. She got out the needle and then actually went and got the splinter out for me! She had to stick needle in forcibly to 'break the skin' to get it out
  9. She had antiseptic gel as well and asked if I wanted to bung some on my thumb. I said yeah!
  10. Happy bunny! 🐰